Just a note:

     We are proud to offer this product to people who have toenail problems. Soaking Toenails is very often recommended, but interestingly, no such device was made to do Just that!  So with that in mind, We set out to build a tray to soak just toes & toenails that is comfortable and effective. 

Now such a tray is available to everyone!

     We realized a strong need for this product and we know that it will help you succeed in treating and curing your toenail problems   ---Toenail Fix & Co.

About the ToenailSoak Tray

A soaking tray that targets the Toenails;

Experts, Doctors, Podiatrists and Skin and Nail Specialists recommend soaking toenails for a wide range of ailments,such as athletes foot between the toes, toenail fungus, ingrown toenail, thick or brittle toenails,redness or soreness, corns, calluses and many other ailments this device specifically targets the toes and toenails for a concentrated soak with just a small amount of solution.
cure toenail fungus Targets Just Your Toenails

ToenailSoak Tray

  • Comfortable
  • Convenient
  • Inexpensive
  • Effective
  • Alternative for Prescription Medication*
  • Alternative for Medical Procedures*

*For some issues medical treatment may be required. Consult your physician